Monday, April 4, 2011

One large quake does not deserve another (at least not far away)

The Seismological Society of America has a surprisingly active Facebook page, with several posts a day.

One referred to a recent scientific article and WSJ recap on whether large, distant earthquakes were related causally and temporally. A student had in fact recently asked me whether she should study in Berkeley this summer in the wake of the Japan earthquake.  The Nature Geoscience paper, Absence of remotely triggered large earthquakes beyond the mainshock region, by Tom Parsons Aaron A. Velasco, concluded that "the regional hazard of larger earthquakes is increased after a mainshock, but the global hazard is not."

This paper and related research were summarized in the Wall Street Journal, by Gautam Naik.

From Wall Street Journal

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  1. So, was there an increase in the Reno or Aurora/Long valley quakes after the last set of swarms in the Salton area? (lots of visual stuff on that one).

    Wasnt' there a swarm in Salton again last month?

    We just had a few over here in AZ, along a riverbed that hasn't seen any in recorded times, and there are many faults nearby in Bellemont ,and here in Jerome.

    Getting exciting. Sure looks like the ground is trying to make some room. All the way up to SLC and out to Madrid.


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