Saturday, April 23, 2011

Michael Welland on the geoblogosphere

I came across this commentary from May of 2010 on the value of the "geoblogosphere." I thought I would pass it along, even though I didn't make Welland's list of blogs he reads. But he did lead to to a master list of geo blogs, and at least we're on that!

He is a recent convert to blog reading. He says:
.... but what’s the point? Why do these geologists write blogs and what is their value? A recent survey of the geoblogosphere conducted by Lutz Geissler of the Technical University Bergakademie in Freiberg, in collaboration with Robert Huber of the University of Bremen and Callan Bentley of Northern Virginia Community College, helps answer the first question and informs the second. The equally top-ranked responses to the question “why do you blog?” were “to inform”, “to share knowledge”, and “to popularise the geosciences” (followed closely by “to have fun”).

Combine this motivation and energy with the significant audience for many of these blogs, and there is arguably the prime value: knowledge-sharing and outreach...

What the majority have in common, however, is that they are current and immediate. Whether reporting on an ongoing research or fieldwork project, a volcanic or seismic event, providing links to newly published papers, or seeking ideas on the design of a new course, these blogs represent a unique means of rapidly disseminating – and accessing – information and ideas.


  1. In case you haven't seen it, this post led to an Accretionary Wedge carnival post, hosted by Dave Bressan at History of Geology. You may be interested in reading what other geoblogosphere members see as their roles:
    And if you're not familiar with the Accretionary Wedge...
    Here's the most recent list of upcoming wedges:
    Please consider this an invitation to participate or host!

  2. Hi Rob - many thanks for linking my post - quite shock when I saw my name in the title of yours!

    Rest assured that I do read your blog - via the Geobulletin accumulator and Google Reader - you have reminded me that I need to update and edit my "blogroll."

  3. Hope I didn't shock you too badly, Michael. We're supposed to leave that for the earthquakes. Thanks for your comment.


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