Saturday, December 11, 2010

Seismology at the American Geophysical Union

I will mostly be at geomagnetism-paleomagnetism session at the huge AGU Fall meeting (15,000 attendees next week).

Among the many seismology sessions:

Moscone South: Poster Hall
Thursday 0800h
Engaging Citizens in the Collection of Earthquake
Observations Using the Internet I Posters (joint
with NH)
Presiding: R Bossu, EMSC; R W Clayton, Caltech

0800h S41B-2010 POSTER ShakeMapple: Tapping
Embedded Motion Sensors to Map the Felt Extents of an
Earthquake: L Kamb, G McGilvary, J van Hemert, R Bossu

0800h S41B-2011 POSTER RICHTER: A Smartphone
Application for Rapid Collection of Geo-Tagged Pictures of
Earthquake Damage: H Skinnemoen, R Bossu, K Furuheim,
E Bjorgo

0800h S41B-2012 POSTER Raising Seismic Awareness
on- and off-campus with class-built seismometers: K J
Ferguson, K Van Wijk, T Channel, R Nuxoll

0800h S41B-2013 POSTER Community Seismic Network
(CSN): R W Clayton, T H Heaton, M D Kohler, M Chandy,
A Krause

0800h S41B-2014 POSTER The Quake-Catcher Network:
Improving Earthquake Strong Motion Observations
Through Community Engagement: E S Cochran, J F
Lawrence, C M Christensen, A I Chung, C Neighbors, J

Moscone West:
2007 Friday 0900h
Engaging Citizens in the Collection of Earthquake
Observations Using the Internet II
(joint with NH)
Presiding: R Bossu, EMSC; P S Earle, USGS

0900h S51E-01 The USGS “Did You Feel It?” Internetbased
Macroseismic Intensity Maps: Lessons Learned from a
Decade of Online Data Collection (Invited): D J Wald, V RQuitoriano, M Hopper, S Mathias, J W Dewey

0915h S51E-02 iShake: Mobile Phones as Seismic Sensors
(Invited): S Dashti, J Reilly, J D Bray, A M Bayen, S D
Glaser, E Mari

0930h S51E-03 The NetQuakes Project – Research-quality
Seismic Data Transmitted via the Internet from Citizenhosted
Instruments (Invited): J H Luetgert, D H
Oppenheimer, J Hamilton

0945h S51E-04 Flashsourcing or Real-Time Mapping of
Earthquake Effects from Instantaneous Analysis of the
EMSC Website Traffic: R Bossu, S Gilles, F Roussel

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