Saturday, December 25, 2010

Earthquakes in Israel

Today being Christmas (not my own religious cup of tea), I thought I'd post on earthquakes in the "Holy Land."

The USGS has a page on earthquakes in Israel, as it does for many other regions of the world.

A sesimicity map from recent years shows the location of a number of small quakes along the Dead Sea Rift zone.
Israel actually seems to have little of the way of online resources, at least in English, about their earthquake situation, either through the Israel Geological Survey, or the Geophysical Institute of Israel.  After the recent tragedy of the wildfires in the northern part of the country, I wonder if Israel is prepared for earthquake hazards, despite what appears to be a significant seismic risk:
GFZ German Research Centre for Geosciences
A good summary of the regional tectonics can be found in the 2007 Tectonophysics article "Stress tensor and focal mechanisms along the Dead Sea fault and related structural elements based on seismological data," by Rami Hofstetter et al.

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