Sunday, December 12, 2010

Haiti earthquake at the American Geophysical Union

There will be a "union" session on the Haiti earthquake at the AGU. The oral presentations set for Monday morning are as follows. (The organizer Eric Calais was the subject of a recent post here.)

U11A    Moscone South: 104     Monday 0800h
The 12 January 2010 M7.0 Haiti Earthquake    
Presiding: E Calais, Purdue University; S E Hough, U.S. Geological Survey

0800h  U11A-01 The January 12, 2010, Mw 7.0 earthquake in
Haiti: context and mechanism from an integrated geodetic study:
E Calais, A M Freed, G S Mattioli, F Amelung, S Jonsson, P E Jansma,
T H Dixon, C Prepetit, R Momplaisir

0815h  U11A-02 The Role of Science and Engineering in Rebuilding
a More Resilient Haiti (Invited): D Applegate

0830h  U11A-03 Networks in disasters: Multidisciplinary
communication and coordination in response and recovery to
the 2010 Haiti Earthquake (Invited): B G McAdoo, J Augenstein,
L Comfort, L Huggins, N Krenitsky, S Scheinert, T Serrant,
M Siciliano, S Stebbins, P Sweeney, Title of Team: University of
Pittsburgh Haiti Reconnaissance Team

0845h  U11A-04 The Role of Science and Engineering in Response
and Reconstruction Following the 2010 Haiti Earthquake (Invited):
W D Pennington

0900h  U11A-05 The Enriquillo-Plantain Garden Fault in Haiti:
Holocene Offsets and Seismic Hazard: C S Prentice, A J Crone,
P Mann, R D Gold, K W Hudnut, P Jean, R W Briggs

0915h  U11A-06 The 2010 Haiti earthquake sequence: new insight
of the tectonic pattern from aftershocks and marine geophysical
data : Haiti-OBS cruise: B F Mercier De Lepinay, Y Mazabraud,
F Klingelhoefer, V Clouard, Y Hello, D Graindorge, B Marcaillou,
J Crozon, J Saurel, P Charvis, B S Mildor, A Deschamps, M Bouin,
J Perrot

0930h  U11A-07 Seismic Monitoring and Post-Seismic
Investigations following the 12 January 2010 Mw 7.0 Haiti
Earthquake (Invited): J Altidor, A Dieuseul, W L Ellsworth,
D D Given, S E Hough, M G Janvier, J Z Maharrey, M E Meremonte,
B S Mildor, C Prepetit, A Yong

0945h  U11A-08 Triggering of the 2010 Haiti earthquake by
hurricanes and possibly deforestation: S Wdowinski, I Tsukanov,
S Hong, F Amelung

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