Sunday, March 20, 2011

Fault movement for the Tohoku Japan earthquake

At times after major disasters, there is so much information, but so spread out. Harvard has set up the Japan Sendai Earthquake Portal for data sharing and exchange, with links to other relevant sites. That portal led me to the figure below.

The figure below, from Penn State, shows co-seismic slip - movement on the fault itself. The red dots are actually locations of the main earthquake and aftershocks.

From the figure caption: A preliminary comparison of an estimate of coseismic slip (created in collaboration with Thorne Lay at UC Santa Cruz and Hiroo Kanamori at CalTech) with the aftershocks and bathymetry. The rainbow-filled circles show the slip pattern for the Mw 9.0 earthquake. The deeper red circles are the aftershock locations.

Credit: Rupture model by C. J. Ammon, Penn State, T. Lay, UC Santa Cruz, and H. Kanamori, Caltech. Aftershock data from the US Geological Survey.

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