Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Pompeii, by Michelle Shocked

There is an engaging exhibit on Pompeii at the National Gallery of Art in Washington. It's not about earthquakes or even volcanoes. However, this moment sealed in time was not only due to a volcanic eruption, but as the BBC relates, was anticipated by 16 years in AD 63 by a significant earthquake. ('ll have to write about archaeoseismology another time.)

You can see a video clip of the exhibit. A recent book about Pompeii by Mary Beard, Cambridge classicist, has been very positively reviewed.

Anyway, a singer-songwriter whom I really admire is Michelle Shocked. I'm not kidding about her name - I didn't just make it up for the blog. I almost posted her video-song Anchorage (I love skateboard punk rockers) a couple of weeks ago when that city was somewhat threatened by Redoubt Volcano. And I love her song Come a Long Way. She has a new album coming out in May, and a song called Pompeii. Here's the video (by the way, any political views explicitly or implicitly expressed in this blog do not represent the opinions of anyone other than me):

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