Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Earthquake-phobic? Go live in Ireland

According to the Irish Seismic Network:

"The largest recorded earthquake to have occurred in Ireland was a magnitude 2.3ML in Co. Leitrim in November 1994. There were no felt reports for this event.

"The largest recorded earthquake we have had offshore Ireland was a magnitude 5.4ML near the Welsh coast on 19 July 1984. This was felt mainly in Wales and adjacent parts of Britain, and over a significant area of the east coast of Ireland. There was some structural damage reported from North Wales adjacent to the epicentre of the event. More significant damage would have resulted had the event occurred at less than the estimated 20km depth."

Sounds pretty safe, earthquake-wise!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!


  1. The interesting question is why. The UK and Ireland have virtually the same geology but the UK has had earthquakes up to magnitude 6.1, Ireland nothing to speak off.

    Perhaps St Patrick banished earthquakes when he banished snakes?

  2. I remember the tremor from the welsh coast, I'm sure it was about 3-4am and as a young 15 year old ,my pals and I were that night stealing booze from my parents drinks cabinet, it came a quite a shock!! I thought it was the drink!

  3. can any 1 tell me if that shake was felt all over ireland???

  4. This article is incorrect, the largest earthquake in Ireland was felt on the 06/05/2010 at 22:24 in Co.Clare it was a magnitude was 2.6.
    And before this the largest inland earthquake was in Co.Donegal on the 21/02/08, the magnitude was 2.4.
    There are many earthquakes in the north-west of Ireland, mainly in Co.Donegal.
    These earthquakes are of a small magnitude but they happen none the less.
    At the start of 2010, a swarm of earthquakes occured in Donegal the largest being a 1.7ML.
    And there have been reports of people feeling the earthquakes, in fact there is evidence to show that some even left their homes until they realised there was no large-scale threat.

    The Uk and Ireland may have quite similar geology to the ordinary lay-person on the street, but to a qualified geologist there are quite a few differences. The reason Co.Donegal has earthquakes is The Leannan Fault and The Great Glen Fault that run down from Scotland.


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