Sunday, January 23, 2011

Earthquake Report web site

I came across an eartquake site named Earthquake Report.

It looks like a well designed website which contains information on recent and significant earthquakes.

It says about itself:
Earthquake Report has been created by Armand Vervaeck from Belgium (at right).

Earthquake Report has only 1 goal :  reporting about earthquakes the best possible way.

Earthquake Report tries to bridge the gap in between science and basic understanding.

News in this site will not only appear very quickly, but we always try to bring Added Value news you won't find anywhere else.

Those looking only for scientific facts should use the USGS, EMSC and other governmental organizations.

Earthquake Report focuses on the Impact of Earthquakes on people. We will search for unique news, even in the most remote places on Earth. Victims of an Earthquake in the jungle of Papua New Guinea merit the same attention as those people living in Port au Prince or Conception.
It seems to have educational and outreach goals consisten with those of this site, but with an explicitly global emphasis.

Go have a look, and bookmark it if you like it. Nice work, Armand,

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