Friday, January 9, 2009

Lancaster - Historic Seismicity

Ok, let's go back to the NEIC web page for the recent Lancaster earthquake.

Now click on the link down the page on Historic Seismicity.

click on above for larger image

This is a cool graphic. Previous earthquake epicenters are indicated with the circles. The radius of the circle indicates the earthquake magnitude. And the depth of the epicenter is shown by the color. So four dimensions of data are shown on a two-dimensional figure.

All of the historic quakes shown are small, and all are shallow.

Note the last line in the figure caption. Plate boundaries, that is, the type of boundary between different plates in the plate tectonics model, are indicated. In this area, there are no plate boundaries. Thus, these are examples of intraplate earhquakes, those that occur within a plate, as opposed to the interplate earthquakes that occur at boundaries between different plates.

It will be useful at a later time to compare this earthquake to one at a plate boundary, in an area of much higher seismicity.

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