Saturday, January 31, 2009

Can you sing "plate tectonics"?

I mentioned the song Volcano, by the Presidents of the United States of America. Clearly they were affected by their post-Mount St. Helens days in Seattle. I heard one other rock song recently that contained the lyric "plate tectonics," I'll have to go back and find it. Do you know of any? Yes, I know there is probably some group playing in Santa Cruz named the Be Good Tanya Atwaters, but I'm thinking more mainstream here.

The Presidents sing Volcano live on the Jenny McCarthy show (take what she says about autism with many grains of salt):

Or go watch the embedding-protected studio version. I like the white lab coats, which all of us scientists wear. I wonder what the spectrum of those waves is like?

Now this is what I call rock music!

Under the island... middle of a mountain
There is a big bad... boomin' system
Blowin' speakers... woofers and tweeters
Amplifiers... melted wires
The parties exploded... the core is corroded
Under ground... the Puget Sound
Cause a shiftin'... and a driftin'
Big black boom box...stuck in the hot rock
It's in there flowin'... it's in there growin'
You don't believe me... that this scenery
Could be a cold blooded killer

It's gonna blow... Volcano
It's gonna blow... Volcano
It's gonna blow... Volcano

Now the island is shiftin'... the plates are liftin'
The core is creamy...docile and dreamy
Stopped up and steamy
Happy campers... poop in there pampers
When the mountain... becomes a fountain
Of white hot lava... molten magma
Super sonic... plate tectonics
Sterophonic... lava and tonic
The boom is bionic
Sony shut down... magnavox meltdown
Ballistic breakdown
Hi-fi heatwave... lo-fi lava cave
That sulfur smells... Mt St Helens
Pompeii was yellin'...

It's gonna blow... Volcano
It's gonna blow... Volcano
It's gonna blow... Volcano
It's gonna blow... Volcano


  1. The other song I was trying to remember that includes "plate tectonics" in the lyrics was Oh My God by the Kaiser Chiefs. But are there others?

  2. that song is cool


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