Saturday, October 25, 2008

Dillsburg, Pennsylvania, earthquake, 10/19/08

Below are seismograms of the Dillsburg, Pennsylvania, earthquake, as recorded by several stations from the LCSN:

(click above for more detail)

More information on this event can be found at pages of the LCSN.

Portable seismographs have been deployed near the epicenter by Millersville and Lamont-Doherty seismologists to further study the seismicity. Patriot-News video report on the monitoring endeavor.

A public meeting to discuss recent earthquakes will take place in Dillsburg on Tuesday, 10/28.

Video report by WGAL-tv.
Video report by the York Dispatch.

Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and National Resources seismicity map and booklet on earthquakes in Pennsylvania.


  1. I like the format. Do you think there's any way to make the image bigger? Perhaps we can upload a .pdf file, too, for teachers to use in this hypothetical blog space.


  2. Sara pointed out that clicking on the image makes it larger. This is how comment sections of blogs work.


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