Thursday, June 10, 2010

Seismicity of Azerbaijan

I'll be away in Azerbaijan the next three weeks or so, working at the Oglanqala archaeological site doing magnetometry.

The Azerbaijani National Academy of Sciences Geology Institute says:
Genetically seismicity of Azerbaijan is associated with activity of seismogenic structures in the Lesser Caucasus and in the Greater Caucasus Ridges. In the most territory of Azerbaijan earthquakes of magnitude M=6-6.5 may take place and in some seismogenic structures one can expect seismic events of a maximum magnitude up to M=7. This indicates that on the whole the territory of Azerbaijan and the adjacent part of the Caspian depression have a moderate seismicity. Though for the recent period in the Caucasus region there have not been recorded any seismic events of magnitude M>7-7.2, from the point of view of their peculiar features this region is characterized by a high engineering-geologic risk. This distinguishes the territory of Azerbaijan from the Pacific mobile belt where intensity of earthquakes by Richter's scale is M=8-8.5. 
The English isn't the best, but try learning Azerbaijani!

Figure from ENVSEC

I'll be in the bottom left area of the map, not far from Ararat.

See you in July.

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