Friday, November 20, 2009

Educational seismographs for discounted sale

DTA, formerly a U.S. Sales and Service Center for Guralp Systems, a world leader in the design and manufacture of low-noise broadband seismometers, is now in the process of closing down, and has a few Educational Seismographs ("PEPP" and "EDU" instruments) in its inventory for sale.  These instruments are fully operational.  The instruments are listed below, along with their condition and price.  Because DTA is closing down, warranties cannot be provided.  If you are interested in purchasing any of these instruments, conatct Bruce Pauly. Quotations will be prepared upon request.  Delivery would be immediate from the shelf.  First come first served.

PEPP Style:

PEPP-V     V7207     USED     $2000     (25% off)

PEPP-V     V7209     USED     $2000     (25% off)       

PEPP-T     T6285     USED     $5000     (25% off)

PEPP-T     T6284     USED     $3000     (55% off)     (no GPS receiver)

PEPP-V     V7219    NEW       $2160      (20% off)

EDU Style:

EDU-V       V7320     NEW      $2295     (15% off)

EDU-T       T6827      NEW      $5950     (15% off)

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  1. My wife had taken a trip over to Oklahoma to see a friend and saw a Siznagrph meter in a restaurant,but it was an antique . I think the name of place was Meers Store and Retaurant . I was wondering if it was possible to buy an older Siznagraph .


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