Wednesday, July 8, 2009

L'Aquila and the G8 Summit

NPR, a favorite news source, had a good story this morning on the G8 Summit meeting in Italy and reconstruction following the magnitude 6.3 shock on 6 April. And thanks to audio stories, I know how to actually pronounce L'Aquila. (I guess you could get this from tv news, but I don't watch "news" on tv.)

There are still 65,000 homeless, and 25,000 people living in tents, and serious damage to many cultural treasures. (Photo below from NPR.)

You can read more or listen on NPR.

Perhaps this crisis is what has driven Italian Prime Minister Berlusconi to vice? Well, I'll give him credit for one thing - he hasn't (as far as I know) whined at a press conference about soulmates and higher callings.

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