Thursday, February 26, 2009

Where is the New York Geological Survey?

As I have been looking for information on the recent small earthquakes that have occurred in Pennsylvania, then New Jersey, most recently New York, I eventually want to check out what the state geological surveys have to say about earthquakes in general, and also about particular events.

There is a nice web page for the Association of American State Geologists (AASG), which "represents the State Geologists of the 50 United States and Puerto Rico. Founded in 1908, AASG seeks to advance the science and practical application of geology and related earth sciences in the United States and its territories, commonwealths, and possessions."

However, when you click on the state of New York, you are directed to the New York State Museum, and then to information about pretty minerals. Now, I love museums, but this hardly seems appropriate as a source for geological information about hazards and resources within a state.

There is an "unofficial gateway" to the resources of the New York Geological Survey, which states "The NYSGS does not have an official web site at this time."

By putting 2+2+2 together, I was able with some effort to track down a web presence for the Office of the State Geologist. Yet all one finds is a list of names. Compare this to the other state surveys on the AASG website above. New York's web presence hardly seems acceptable in this day and age.

What's up, New York?

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